How do I purchase Jewelry from you?

We accept Visa, M/C and all other major credit cards. Please e-mail, fax or call in your orders. We will be happy to consult with you about custom designs, prices, your gems, and delivery methods. All pictured designs are available using various other colored gems or your own stones. We are a full service goldsmith design center with the utmost attention to quality, service, and customer satisfaction.

What does Pietra mean?

It means Stone or Gemstone. I learned my craft in Italy after chasing my college sweetheart to Florence, Italy and living there for a year. Hence the name of my business that reminds me of early love of Jewelry, and the Human Spirt. Please let me invite you to celebrate my collection of heartfelt designs that please.

How do I receive my Jewelry?

All Jewelry is shipped UPS, Delivery Confirmation, and Insured for full value with Appraisal Certification Guarantee. We value your business and want you back as repeat customers.